Showing your home

Making the right first impression is crucial to woo your prospective buyers and have them fall in love with your home as you did when you viewed it.  Attention to detail is everything.  

Buyers will often draw conclusions about the way you have maintained the property based on the amount of effort you put into showing your it when you come to sell it. If paint is peeling off the front door they may well think that other more fundamental maintenance to electrics, roofs and boilers has not been done either.

Curbside appeal is tremendously important as a lot of buyers may walk past or drive by the property before they commit to view it and your buyer may actually be someone that walks past every day on their way to and from work.

Before the property comes to the market we can make an appointment to offer you our view on what should be done and help you prepare your home for viewings, giving you access to approved maintenance contractors who can prepare quotes for any redecoration or repairs you may want to do. Furthermore we would prefer to accompany everyone who wants to view your home, as we are familiar with the buyers requirements and can better select which parts of the property to showcase.

We have created a list of things to consider below to get you started. If adopted these steps should be taken early before marketing photos are taken and maintained throughout right up until contracts are exchanged with your buyer.

Consider the following

Clear away the clutter.  Get as much into the loft or into storage as you can

Clean every inch of the property, its often worth getting a professional cleaning company in to do

Clean the windows inside and out

Clear tops of wardrobes and under beds

Children’s toys in children’s rooms are ok, box up small toys

Kitchens - tidy the surfaces - no food or packets, dishes or washing-up. Keep work tops free of jars, bottles etc

Garden - don't hang the washing out

Tidy the garden and cut the grass every week

Put your bins away

Be ready to move your car off the drive if you have one

Put away ANYTHING you wouldn't want a ‘stranger’ to see

Clear away all paperwork

Pack up any knick knacks

Get some healthy looking plants

Dont create smells that will linger

Don't clutter the hallway with coats, shoes and bikes

Straighten pictures

Clear fires/fireplaces or considering lighting them for viewings

Replace any blown light bulbs

Plump up pillows and cushions

Things that you might not do religiously every morning now need to be done, so make the beds every day, no dirty cups or dishes, clothes put away etc

Consider filling vases with fresh flowers

Hide wires/chargers

Tidy clutter and bottles in bathrooms to show it to its full potential

De-personalise the property as much as you can, so people can picture themselves living there, not you

Dont have too much or the wrong furniture in the wrong rooms, give each room a purpose.  Bedrooms should look like bedrooms, and the lounge like a lounge

Curb appeal - paint the front door make the front garden immaculate.   If you have a communal hallway urge you fellow occupiers to keep it clean and clutter free 

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