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Gas Safety Check - Landlords are required to arrange of a gas safety check to take place annually on rented properties. This must be carried out be a registered engineer.

Gas Safety Certificate (GSC) - A document which shows that gas appliances (including a gas meter) has had an annual gas safety check carried out by a registered engineer. Landlords are legally required to have a GSC produced annually.

Guarantor - Someone chosen to guarantee the payments of rent for the tenant should they fall into arrears.


Holding Deposit - A deposit paid by tenant at the point their offer is accepted by the landlord to demonstrate their commitment to tenancy.  This is deducted from the balance of monies due on move in.

House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) - A term applied to a property which has three or more tenants who are not a family unit.


ICE - Independent Case Examiner of The Dispute Service.

Identity Checks - These are checks which a letting agent should make on both landlords and tenants to ensure they are who they say they are.

Inventory and Schedule of Condition - An inventory is conducted before the tenancy starts to provide an accurate list of the rental property’s contents and their condition.


Joint and Severally Liable - Each tenant is responsible for complying with the obligations of and paying all charges and costs associated with the tenancy, both individually and together.


Land Registry - This is a service in the England and Wales which tracks the ownership and possession of a property and land rights.

Landlord - A person who owns a property and allows a tenant to live there in exchange for monthly rent.

Letting Agent - An agent who assists the landlord and tenant with the let. Service levels will vary and will be agreed between the landlord and the letting agent.

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