Frequently Asked Questions - Property Mainteance

My electric oven has stopped working
  • You may have accidentally re-set the timer.  Check and reset your clock.
  • If there is no power at all, check your fuse box to ensure that the circuit hasn’t been broken.
My washing machine is not draining, or has stopped mid cycle
  • Your pump filter is probably blocked.
  • Drain the machine and check the filter for foreign objects.
My sink is draining slowly / not draining at all
  • This is likely to be caused by a build up of food and lime scale.
  • Buy a sink/drain unblocking liquid to remove the blockage.
My radiators aren’t hot all the way up
  • There is too much air in the system.
  • You need to bleed your radiators.
My central heating isn’t working properly
  • Checked that the thermostat isn’t set too low.
  • Make sure the timer is set correctly on the boiler.
My Electrics keep tripping
  • Check if it is a particular appliance in your home that is the problem by means of elimination.