Is your mortgage coming up for renewal or has your lifestyle changed?

Remortgaging could give you flexibility and replace your current mortgage with a different lender without moving property.

What are the benefits?

  • Remortgaging offers the potential to reduce your overall monthly payments.
  • Equity can be released from your property to make home improvements.
  • Remortgaging can be used to help pay off your mortgage earlier. 

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Frequently asked questions

What is remortgaging?

Remortgaging is the process of replacing your current mortgage with another without moving property. This can be switching your current fixed rate to a better deal, changing lenders or borrowing more money from your current lender.

When is the best time to remortgage?

The best time to think about remortgaging is around three to six months before your current deal is about to expire. Once your current deal has ended, you’ll be on the lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR), which is unlikely to be the best or cheapest option. 

What will it cost to remortgage?

While savings can be made and is often the reason to remortgage, the costs involved can vary. You will need to check if there are any early repayment or exit fees from your current lender, if the valuation fee is included when switching lenders, what the arrangement fee to set up the new rate is and consider the effect the new rate set will have on your monthly payments. 

What do I need to remortgage?

You will need details of your current mortgage, including the amount still left to pay, the number of years left and the current rate. 

As well as this you will be asked to provide proof of identity, income and address. It may be useful to find the following documents before you apply to remortgage. 

  • Your last three months' bank statement

  • Your last three months' pay slips

  • Your last two to three years' accounts/tax returns if self-employed 

  • Your latest P60 tax form (showing income and tax paid from each tax year)

  • Passport or driving licence

  • Proof of address, through utility/council tax bills

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