Rent protection & legal insurance for landlords

Protect and secure your investment - Guarantee your rental income

Even with a very thorough referencing process it is impossible to predict if a tenant will cease to pay their rent because of sudden unexpected redundancy, illness, divorce or some other serious circumstances which may unfold,  especially with the unstable job market we're currently experiencing and the uncertainty surrounding our departure from the EU.  Lauristons can greatly reduce this risk by providing you with a comprehensive Rent Guarantee which also includes Legal Expenses cover.

The Rent Guarantee element of this insurance policy is very simple — if the tenant fails to pay their rent for any reason then the insurance policy will pay you the rent instead.

The Legal Expenses element of the policy provides additional cover in that, in the event of a tenant refusing to leave a property, it covers all of the legal costs associated with formally evicting them.

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Key points

  • Rent arrears covered up to £8,333 per month and legal expenses up to a maximum of £50,000 per incident
  • Excess of just the first months rent arrears
  • Rent arrears paid up until vacant possession or limit reached
  • Insured incident cover included which covers cases of alternative accommodation and storage costs, damage to your property
  • All tenant types accepted
  • 6 and 12 month policy options available

Insurance requirements

  • All of the tenants are comprehensively referenced by Lauristons chosen referencing agency
  • Rental payments must be taken in advance
  • The deposit must be registered correctly
  • The correct notices must have been served on the tenants to obtain possession
  • Rent payment records must be recorded
  • A claim must be registered within 60 days of missed payment
  • The tenancy must start within 60 days of the tenants being referenced
  • If the tenancy started more than 14 days before the policy start date then no claim may be made in during the first 90 days

If you would like to find out more or would like to arrange cover then speak to a member of the Lauristons team at your local branch

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