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When you are considering moving or reletting, one of the first things you will want to know is, how much is it currently worth, and in order to give you an honest and accurate assessment, we need to come and see it.

Its not an exact science.  Yes, the instant on line valuation algorithms provide a reasonable guide but what appear to be similar properties on the same street or in the same block can differ in price by quite a considerable amount.  Its not just about size, garden aspect and how nice the kitchen is.  Whilst these things obviously matter and contribute to the value of your home, it is the knowledge and confidence of the valuer that will add the extra value.

At Lauristons all of our valuers have been in the business for many many years.  This gives them an experience you cant train into someone on a course at head office.   This experience drives the added value.  Experience of how the property market is performing locally, of what has let recently and what those properties had to offer, of knowing what local businesses are doing with relocating staff, of the number of tenants in the market in different price ranges and how confident they are, of national economics and the hurdles and opportunities on the horizon, and of knowing every nook and cranny of your locality, and understanding the nuances of what drives tenant behaviour to favour certain streets, blocks, aspects, and catchments.

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