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It's important to know that your home and personal belongings are safe, and that in the event you are unable to work through illness or injury that you are financially prepared.  At Lauristons we can help you find insurance products tailored to your individual needs at very competitive prices.

Nobody likes nasty surprises but insurance products are there to ease the financial worries that unforeseen events can cause. First2Protect insurance services offer a range of insurance products to meet the needs of homeowners and tenants and investment landlords.

Insurance Cover available

  • Household buildings and/or contents Insurance

  • Landlord’s buildings and/or contents Insurance

  • Additional options available to enhance your cover: home emergency, legal expenses, rent protection, accidental damage and cover for possessions away from the home

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Reasons to choose First2Protect

F2P friendly Friendly, expert advice – helping you choose the right cover for your needs 
F2P comprehensive policies

Comprehensive policies – so you are covered if you need to make a claim

F2P panel

Panel of leading insurers – offering you competitive rates

F2P guarenteed Quotes can be guaranteed for 90 days – to fix the cost while your mortgage goes through
F2P email sol Free confirmation of cover sent to your solicitor – avoiding delays with your house purchase
F2P auto start

Cover can start automatically on the right date – one less thing for you to remember

F2P fee free

No fees for amending a policy – you may make changes without a charge

F2P auto Automatically offer the cheapest insurer at renewal – giving you peace of mind

*Calls are recorded to meet our regulatory obligations and for training/monitoring purposes. First2Protect Insurance Services is a trading name of First2Protect Limited, an appointed representative of PRIMIS Mortgage Network, a trading name of First Complete Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

97% of customer surveyed had a positive experience with our advisors in an April - July 2020 customer satisfaction results