Sellers - ensure your home makes an impact on viewers

November 26th 2019
By: Lauristons
Sellers - ensure your home makes an impact on viewers

Are you selling your home and hoping to impress buyers? Well, the secret to this is simple; ensure that your property is at its best for every viewing and every picture. Below are our top tips to achieve this…

  1. Boost Your Kerb Appeal

First impressions matter. Before some of the potential buyers make a viewing appointment, they may scrutinise your property from the outside. Not only are buyers seeking an attractive interior and exterior but they would also like to confirm how well your house is maintained. Ensure you have taken care of any repairs needed; for example, mending leaking gutters, positioning of slipped tiles, and take care of any visible damp before you advertise your property for sale.

  1. Make it bright and light

Once you are done with the exterior, ensure the interior of your home looks impressive. To make your house look spacious, use simple light decorations with neutral colours and add a pop of colour to make it more appealing. Repaint the areas where the paint has faded or needs redoing to match with the rest of the house.

  1. Cut the untidiness

As a home seller, your aim should be to ensure potential buyers can visualise themselves owning and living in the property. Ensure you keep family photos out of sight as they could distract your buyers ability to visualizing themselves living there. Ensure you hide away any items that may be termed as “too personal”.

  1. Keep it clean

Do not assume that buyers will understand why something is not clean. Ensure the house is spotless, from top to bottom. Not only will this make your home look more attractive, but also it reassures potential buyers that it has had great maintenance in other respects.

  1. Revamp your kitchen

It’s been said that the kitchen is the centre of any home and is the most preffered area people like to renovate. This doesn’t mean you have to completly renovate it, but some new tiles, new appliances, or a fresh coat of paint on the cupboards can go a long way. Add some flowers and ensure the scent is fresh to make it homely.

  1. The outdoors

You don’t have to employ a world renowned gardener to make your exterior look outstanding. Take a trip to your local garden store and re-vamp your exterior with some colourful flower pots and plants - you’d be surprised at how quickly you can change the ambience of the garden/ front lawn with just a lawn mower and some colourful plants.

  1. Bathroom basics

Above all, ensure your bathroom is sparkling and has a bright airy feel. Many homeowners tend to overlook the bathroom, but it can make a huge difference to the luxury feel to a house. Check the corners of your window sill and bath tub for mold or dirt as this can easily put viewers off, some cheap mould remover and a wipe will rectify this – if you have the time and money new grouting can instantly revamp the whole space too.

By following the steps of these given tips, you stand a better chance of creating a positive impact on your potential buyers. For more tips and help on getting your home ready for a sale, check out our other blogs, or give us a call. We’d be happy to give you some tips.