Our Sponsorship of Doverhouse Lions Youth and Disability Football Club

March 12th 2020

Lauristons is pleased to announce its sponsorship of Doverhouse Lions Youth and Disability Football Club which encourages boys and girls, including those with disabilities, to play football.

The Club, which is based at Roehampton, has been chosen by Lauristons after the agency heard about its aims and philosophy which focus not only on coaching youngsters but to also providing a springboard for life. It fits perfectly with Lauristons focus on supporting the local communities in which it operates and which many of their staff have strong connections with.

Ben Butler, Senior Sales Executive of Lauristons, which supports customers across  the areas of Wimbledon, Battersea and Putney commented:

“We’re keen to offer our support to  local organisations, particularly those that may not always get the help they need and yet which provide much needed support to members of our local community.

When we heard about the Club, and how it helps youngsters of all ages and those who may otherwise not have the chance to take part in team sports, it really appealed to us. We’re delighted that, in particular, they are encouraging girls and those with disabilities to join them and hope, with our support in promoting their efforts, that more and more children can benefit from the great opportunities they present.

We’ve already paid for a new kit and staff from our nearby branches will definitely be closely watching the Club’s progress, making sure we’re on the side-lines to cheer them on and to volunteer our support whenever we can.”