Expert valuation vs. instant valuation

November 17th 2019
By: Lauristons
Expert valuation vs. instant valuation

Before even thinking about selling or letting out your property, or if you are planning to do so in the future, it’s important to know how much your property is worth. With the multitude of ways to get your home value these days, it can sometimes be confusing to know which type of valuation is right for you.

There are 2 ways in which you can get a valuation of your property –

  • Expert Valuation – Accredited and qualified valuers provide this type of valuation. These are proven experts in the industry and lenders and financial institutions may rely upon their valuations.

Many estate agencies will offer you an expert valuation for free, but if you hire an outside firm, they will charge a fee. This valuation ensures that all issues and features related to the property are covered and considered in the valuation provided. They have up-to-date knowledge of overall market dynamics, their impact on property rates and the latest market intelligence.

Property owners should be able to depend on the advice provided by these experts, but it may be worth doing your own research as well, as some agents can push up the valuation price to encourage sellers to instruct their agency, instead of giving an accurate market valuation. Look into the agency and check their reviews to ensure they have your best interests at heart.

  • Instant Valuation - If you need a quick and general idea of the value of your property, go for an instant valuation. It is the easiest way to find the estimated value of the property, and can be done quickly online, at any time of day, from anywhere.  An instant valuation gives an estimate of the correct marketing price to put your property on the market based on land registry information and surrounding property sales. Online instant valuations usually come in the form of a report either available to you when you fill out the details or emailed to you after.

Confused as to what type of valuation you should go for? Well, the best method is to use a combination of both. To start with in the early stages, you should get an instant valuation to get a roundabout idea and help you make the decision to go ahead with the sale or let. Once you’ve made this decision, or if you’re not convinced about the value, get an expert booked in to get a more detailed and accurate valuation of the property.

Even if you are not planning to sell or let out the property right away, it’s always a good idea to know its worth. Getting valuation of your property is quick and easy! To get an instant valuation today, click here to access our online tool.