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of staff believe "Lauristons is genuinely committed to delivering high quality products and services"


of our staff are proud to work for Lauristons


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of our staff believe Lauristons is a good company to work for

At the end of every year we conduct an anonymous staff survey; 82 questions designed to attract honest answers from the teams. We want to know what they think, and not what we want to hear. How they really feel about all aspects of the business. The above questions and scores should tell you all you need to know about whether lauristons is a business you may want to work for.

So why are we rated so highly?

Training & development

From the first day someone joins the business and starts their induction we provide a clear plan straight away on what training is needed and how and when we will provide it.

When you start you will receive a 'Lauristons passport', to take with you on your journey around the business in the first three months. This will involve meeting colleagues, visiting each branch to understand what everyone does and really get a feel for our culture and what we are trying to achieve. After this is complete, you will have a 121 with the Managing Director to give your insights and feedback on what you have seen before being signed off as an official colleague. 

Also, as we know career progression is important to all our staff, we will let you know what you'll need to acheive to get promoted. As career prpogression is important to use, we always try to promote from within before we recruit externally, as is the case with many of our managers.   

Benefits, reward & recognition

  • We offer some of the most competitive commission structures and salaries in the industry, all uncapped. 
  • Every member of staff gets a life assurance policy and company pension contributions put in place on day 1, and depending on the seniority, a range of other paid for benefits open up like Aviva Healthcare.  In addition there are a comprehensive range of additional optional tax efficient benefits on offer from child care vouchers, to gym memberships to share schemes.  
  • At Lauristons we also believe in providing our staff a healthier work life balance than the typical agency typically offers, so every sales person works a 5 day week and no more that 46 hours per week (unless they choose to...).
  • Every quarter we have our world famous Lestas awards ceremony for our top performer and every year we send our top people away for a few days; recent trips have been to Berlin, Portugal and Hvar on the Croation Coast.

Culture, communication & compliance

It's a lot of fun working for Lauristons if you have the right attitude and work hard.

Our culture is based on doing and being the best we can be, offering our customers the best experience we can, and caring about what we do. It's not a strap line, it's something we all believe in. 

We take compliance and our responsibilities to our customers very seriously, and recognise that many people's welfare and wealth are dependant on what we do and how we do it, so a strong moral code and integrity exists in the business. Every single person that potentially joins the business is interviewed by the Sales or Lettings Director and then by the Managing Director to make sure all successful candidates are made of the right stuff.